official cups | world cup tasters championship

This collection features 2 choices of cupping bowl, Classic and Modern, which we apply the same colour changing coating on top of the classic Loveramics body.

The coating is a food-safe, organic material which would start changing at exactly 55c. We spent lots of effort to fix the temperature right. 

The idea came from a cupping session in WBC2016, where we were invited to a growers' booth to cup a series of delicious coffee. While we arrived slightly late, we had no idea which way did it start, and how long the session has been on for. When it's our turn, the coffee is either burnt hot or already cold and we missed the golden opportunity to taste everything.

This solves the problem of having too many thermometers and timers around. Buyers will have a general idea on which way it started, and an indicator on the progress of the session.

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